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Why DRC built DRCool

Randy Pruitt, CEO of Detroit Radiator Corporation speaks about the meaning of DRCool.

DRCool Build - custom body

Putting together the Custom Build of DRCool at Outcast Kustom Headquarters.

DRCool Build - box and stacks modifications

DRCool customization.

DRC cooling package installed by CEO in DRCool

Randy Pruitt, Detroit Radiator's CEO, himself installs one of DRC's radiators, during the build of DRCool itself.

DRCool finishing touches & reveal

DRCool is done! Thanks Outcast Kustoms for all of your hard work!

Detroit Radiator DRCool Build - uncut

Outcast Kustoms create DRCool for Detroit Radiator Corporation. DRCool symbolizes the focus and commitment DRC has for their customers and the faith they have in their products.

Detroit Radiator is proud to have DRCool on the road this year.

Scheduled to attend over 12 truck show events in 2012, its presence will add to the DRC brand recognition marketed to the heavy duty aftermarket industry.


A look back at 2011 with Detroit Radiator Corp.

Motorhead Garage

Randy Pruitt, president of Detroit Radiator Corp., featured on Motorhead Garage and aired on Fox Sports Network on July 18th, 2011. Motorhead Garage was given the low down on DRC's advanced technology with radiators.

Commercial Broadcasting

Detroit Radiator's "Commercial Broadcasting" August 2011.


Watch how Detroit Radiator has become one of the leading radiator core manufacturers that service industrial applications in the HD heat transfer industry. Detroit Radiator's experienced engineers take you through the step-by-step procedure in building high quality cores that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Commercial Broadcasting

Detroit Radiator's "Commercial Broadcasting" July 2011.

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