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Measuring a Bolt-On Radiator Core

We supply bolt-on radiator cores and truck and industrial equipment.  Due to the many different fin configurations and core sizes, it is necessary to speak with one of our specialists to ensure we quote the proper core for your equipment.  At right is a diagram of a radiator core depicting the six areas to measure.  Once you have these measurements, call our Core hotline at 877.585.CORE (2673) to speak to one of our core specialists.

  1. Core Height between header plates (Core only)
  2. Core Width from fin to fin (not including side pieces)
  3. Core Thickness
  4. Header Width
  5. Header Length
    • Number of bolt holes in each header
  6. Header Overhang
    • If both measurements are the same, the headers are centered
Measure a Solder-On Radiator Core

Three Specific Measurements

  • Core Height (A)  -  This measurement is always between the two tanks from header to header or we can say on the length of the tube.
  • Core Width (B) - This measurement is between the side plates or across the tubes and does not include the side plates
  • Core Thickness (C) -  This measurement depends on how many tube rows are present in the radiator. An easy way to measure thickness is by inserting a wire through the fins until flush with the core. Mark the other end of the wire and measure the wire.

Radiator types and configuration

  • The downflow radiator is designed so coolant flows from the top tank to the bottom tank.
  • Tubes are mounted vertically.
  • The crossflow radiator is designed so coolant flows horizontally from one tank to the other. The tubes are mounted horizontally and the tanks are mounted on the sides.
Measuring a charge air cooler core

A Charge Air Cooler core looks similar to a radiator core, however they need to be measureed in a different manner. 

A Charge Air Cooler core WIDTH is defined as the space between the tanks, measured from header plate to header plate.  The HEIGHT is defined as the measurement from the top side of the core to the bottom side of the core (see diagram to the right)

Measuring a PTO

Crank Box Type #1

Crank Box Type #2


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